Agriculture Producer Meetings were held August 6 in Kenton, Keyes, and Boise City locations by the NRCS, FSA, Farm Loan, and Cimarron County Conservation District. Information on federal programs and the farm bill was shared to those present by FSA CED Paul Toon, Farm Loan Programs Steven Vaughan, and NRCS Cherrie Brown. Brown explained cost share programs available through the NRCS for various practices. Kiley Whited, NRCS Rangeland Management Specialist, provided information on rangeland conditions, programs, and invader species that come with a drought. Management options were discussed. Cimarron County Conservation District Jim Belford asked irrigators present to consider utilizing the Panametric flowmeter to check well efficiency or to re-nozzle drops. The Conservation District Cost Share Program information was reported by Cimarron County Conservation District Iris Imler. More information will be available when funds become available.

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