Since May, 2008, Cimarron County has been under state, national and international scrutiny by radio, television and printed media because of the severe drought conditions. You might ask “Why is that important? The Oklahoma Climatological Survey sent Climatologist Gary McManus to survey the area and from that visit Cimarron County was given the D4 drought rating equivalent to exceptional. Oklahoma Governor Henry and Agriculture Commissioner, Terry Peach, surveyed the area from the air and by ground to absorb the pressure on producers and resources.

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The coverage and visits assisted in bringing federal assistance in the form of low interest loans through the Farm Loan Agency. Other attention has promoted offerings of hay and grazing from other producers in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Cimarron Co. Conservation District, NRCS-Boise City Field Office, FSA, and the Farm Loan Agency extend a special thank you to area farmers and ranchers who told their stories of how the drought is effecting their operations. When you see these producers offer your thanks for allowing interviews and tours highlighting our area’s plight: Millard Fowler, John Williams, Eugene (Geno) and Ann Boyd Sara Williams, Charles (Putt) Tapp , Cole Twombly, Joel Imler, Jimmy Joe Belford, Mandy Hitchings

All agencies would like to offer appreciation for all Cimarron County agriculture producers’ continued diligence and efforts to sustain and maintain their natural resources. We will not be known in the future for the “Dust Bowl of 2008” because of your efforts.

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