by Principal Kim Jenkins


Hello from the halls of Boise City High School!!! The 2008-2009 school year will begin tomorrow morning at 8:15 as the students and staff begin filling each day in the classroom with classroom assignments, projects, and activities. All completed enrollment forms need to be returned to the office by Friday.

If you would like the opportunity to work with young people, I would ask that you contact the school to serve as a substitute teacher. It is imperative that the education process continues in the absence of the regular classroom teacher and substitutes provide this vital link.

The theme for this school year will be “Pushing the bar above the line will be the goal in 2009!”. The staff and administration will be focusing on 5 major goals which are:

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Quality Instructional Time

Teach the Children Well-Give Them Time to Learn

Empowering Parents to Help Their Child Learn

Out Teach-Out Test-Out Score

RtI-Response to Intervention

Enhancing Technological Skills


I would like to share with you the Challenge that was given to the staff as we begin the 2008-2009 school year.

“The staff and administration of Boise City High School must unite to not only raise the bar of student achievement, but also to push that bar above the line. As we work daily to build children’s futures, we must focus on the six goals that have been listed.

Providing Quality Instructional Time means that we must make the most of every school day and we must maximize the time that teachers have to teach! Therefore, the number of interruptions will be kept to a minimum and teachers must utilize the entire 50-minute class period each day. A Time Analysis Tool will be provided by the State Department of Education to guide self-analysis at each school. By participating in this activity, we will be better prepared to Teach the Children Well by Giving Them Time to Learn.

Empowering Parents to Help Their Child Learn includes six types of parental involvement. Those types are Parenting, Communicating, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision Making, and Collaborating with Community. Parents have been provided with a resource entitled “Empowering Parents School Box”. The box has information addressing topics such as parental involvement, financial aid for college, learning checklists, etc. This resource is provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Parents have also been given numerous handouts and brochures that will assist them with parental responsibilities. Communicating with parents about their child’s progress as well as the programs of this school will be a focal point of this 2008-2009 school year.

Out Teach-Out Test-Out Score reminds us of the importance of preparing students for assessment including End-of-Instruction testing. This year marks another important facet of the Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) law of 2005. This year’s 9th graders must pass Algebra I and English II end-of-instruction tests and pass two others from among Algebra II, English III, Geometry, Biology I, and U.S. History. We must keep in mind that ALL students must be afforded ample opportunity to learn, for testing, alternate tests, for remediation and retakes.

Not all students are going to be successful; therefore, we must incorporate the Response to Intervention (RtI) process. We are providing some intervention through the tutorial period but that time must become a more integral part of the educational process. Plan for alternate methods of presenting classroom material that students can work on during this time to supplement the learning that did not occur during the traditional type of presentation. If the child did not get it the first time, then he/she must be “tutored” to get it the next time. Intervention is not going to happen if you just expect the child to sit and read during tutorial period.

Another part of raising student achievement is giving greater attention to using tools of technology to enhance learning time and engage students. Engaging today’s students in a relevant way will improve their academic performance. We must integrate technology into the learning process. Those laminated lesson plans must be destroyed and the days of worksheets and lecture must be changed as well. We are fortunate to have the technology and we must utilize it to the fullest extent. Students know how to use the technology and we must have the know-how as well.

The challenge, then, is to “get out of the box” and get into reality. Students should and will need to be challenged on a daily basis if we expect to push the bar above the line in 2009!”

Thank you to those individuals who have prepaid student meals. If you have not taken care of this matter, you are asked to please do so immediately. Payment can be made in either principal’s office.

Please remember to contact this office if you have concerns or issues that need to be brought to my attention. The support of the community is a valuable asset to the success of the school.

Have a great week!




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