We had a successful tournament with 44 three person teams from all over the area.

We had players from Enid, Kansas City, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Ponca City, Tulsa, Wichita, Amarillo, Dallas, Denver, and Virgina.

Tournament winners were broken into six separate flights.

Championship flight: 


1st James Burnett, Lou Thomas, Clint Thomas-114, of Elkhart.

2nd Beckner, Beckner and Owens-117, Clayton

3rd Wilson, Wilson and Fesmire-119, of Guymon.

A Flight 


1st Randy Compton, Larry Hinds, Jim LeGrange-125 won with score card playoff.

2nd Doug Daffern, Jr., Mark Campbell, Hough-125

3rd KC Jones, Pat Hastings, Yannis-125, of Elkhart.

B Flight 


1st Strain, Strain and Rocke-128, of Goodwell.

2nd Richard Chumbley, matt Vincent, Hudson-129, of Stratford.

3rd Billy Mizer, Dean Hinds, Ron Hinds-129

C Flight 


1st Minor Imler, Vivirka, Dennason- 133 won with a score card playoff.

2nd Crist, Birdwell and Holiski-133 of Clayton

3rd Wilkins, Brooks and Brooks-133 of Stratford.

D Flight 


1st Mitchell, Russell, Kenny-136

2nd Dutch Brakhage, Lynna Brakhage, Adam Ottinger-138

3rd Eddie Allen, Mike Munsch, Doug Daffern, Sr.-140

E Flight 


1st Soggy Alvarez, Gary Messer, Tom Gerber-139.

2nd Nathan Halcomb, Gabriel, Dyer- 145

3rd Sterling James, Tapp, Dennison-145

The AIM Agency sponsored the golf course fund-raiser with a chance at a $5,000 fifty-foot putt; Gary Schwindt was the lucky player, but his ball was afraid of the dark.

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