by Alley Jackson (Intern)

From Black Mesa to Mt. Capulin to the great people of Boise City, this trip has been quite an experience. I have so many memories here I will really miss Boise City.

I think I am so lucky that I got a chance to learn how to run a newspaper. I loved the whole experience. I love the rush of the nerves I get just before an interview. Also all the people rushing to finish the paper on time. I like how in the end the paper comes out just the way everyone likes it even if we do have a little bit of delays.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me out this whole time. Thanks Angela and Cindy for letting me stay with you guys this whole time and being really cool people. Thanks Kaley and Brooke for being really cool friends. And thank you everybody who has read my articles and have supported me this whole time.

Most of all, Thank you C.F. and Grandma Linda for the internship. I promise to keep writing throughout the whole year I am away. I cannot wait for next summer when I come Back! See you then.

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