Living in Washington State helps me with my adventures of the world.

One of the world’s most famous structures is right here in Seattle. The Space Needle is one of the sights I have wanted to see and my wish has been fulfilled.

A little information about the Space is that it is a major landmark for the Pacific Northwest and a symbol of Seattle. The Space Needle was created and built for the 1962 World’s Fair. During this time of the Fair, the Space Needle had 2.3 million visitors. The Space Needle is 605 feet high and 138 feet wide and it weights 9,550 tons.

In my opinion, the view is amazing. One of the most breathtaking I have ever seen. But, it can be a little overwhelming ,with the magnitude of all the things you can see from the top.

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The only way to reach the scenic top is by elevators that travel at 10 m.p.h.. From there you can see the Downtown Seattle Skyline, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliot Bay, and the surrounding islands.

The Space Needle also has a lot of history behind it. The idea for the Space Needle was conceived by a man named Edward E. Carlson. Another man heard of the idea and soon became involved with the project. His name was John Graham and he was an architect. First, they had to find a way for the project to be financed since it would not be financed by the city. In the end, it was privately built and financed by the “Pentagram Corporation” (which is now known as the Space Needle Corporation.). It only took a year (1961-1962) to complete this giant project. At the time the Space Needle was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River.

With the adventures, travels, and structures I want to see I am off to a good start. By going to the Space Needle I do not only get to see a wonderful view but I also get to learn a lot of the history. If you ever want to see this beautiful structure, and I think it is a must see thing before you die. Or, if you have already have been there, you know exactly what I mean.


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