by Deb Rebel

Kaley was next to a 211.4 pound, 56 day old Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin. This variety was specially bred by Howard Dill of Windsor, Nova Scotia, who spent many years developing a large strain of pumpkin. Other growers have further refined the variety, breeding selected plants to get bigger and bigger pumpkins. This plant is of unknown crosses; and this pumpkin was grown as a bet. It was estimated at 235# before cutting, and the back was curved in, making it lighter. It was harvested Tuesday August 12th.

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 Kaley then posed next to another pumpkin, from a seed from a 1,009 pound pumpkin grown by John Young from Vermont. This one is estimated at 300 pounds and is still growing. It may or may not reach 700-800 pounds, only time will tell. It may grow too fast or a number of other things might happen, that is why there is the shelter built for it. This pumpkin will probably not be at the Boise City Weigh-off; anything from this patch is ineligible. 

 The Tomato Weigh-Off will be held at the Cimarron County Fair, Tuesday, September 9, at the New Fair Building. The Fair Board has been gracious and allowed the Weigh Off to be held at the same time and on the Fair Property. The most common questions and concerns are… since the tomato season has been so slow (about four weeks behind because of the hot dry weather)… the only thing that counts is weight. A Weigh-Off tomato does NOT have to be ripe. Any damage must be healed (cracks etc) and no fresh weeping damage. ANY variety of tomato may be entered. Entries will be accepted from 9 am to 5:30 pm and final winner announcement by 6 pm. There is a Junior (under age 15 as of Sept 9) and a Senior division; for each division, $100 First, $50 Second, $25 Third, donated by many sponsors; and ribbons will be awarded to 10th place. There are no entry fees, one entry per person. This judging, ribbons, and prizes are separate from the Fair.

 The Pumpkin Weigh-Off will be held Saturday, October 11, location still being determined. Again there is a Junior and Senior Division; and same prizes… $100 First, $50 Second, $25 Third, and ribbons awarded to top ten. There are no entry fees, one entry per person.

 ALL donated prize money will be awarded, the events were separated because of our difficult growing season. Flyers will be distributed to businesses this week, please see one for more details and a list of the Fine and Generous sponsors.

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