by Shelley Fowler

I have been trying to think of an apt analogy that would convey with clarity how I’m feeling about the photo exhibit Dusty and I are preparing to share with all of you. The only image that keeps popping up in my brain is that of Lady Godiva riding a white steed down cobblestoned streets!

After pondering the “why” of such an odd comparison I realize that it is indeed quite fitting! For I am preparing to be (figuratively, of course) naked before the world, allowing whosoever chooses to view, examine, critique and hopefully appreciate parts of my body. Or rather, parts of my body of work that express and expose pieces of my soul as seen through the lens of a camera.

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But then, juxtaposed to that sense of bashfulness, and inside my spirit, I am also dancing on my toes in joyful anticipation! Because every once in awhile it is just pure fun, and perhaps even necessary, to jump out of my comfort zone, to climb outside my box of usualness and to take a giant leap based purely on God-given faith!

Thus, I will unabashedly remind and invite all of you to visit the Cimarron Heritage Museum this coming Saturday afternoon between the hours of one and three o’clock. “Chasing the Light in Cimarron County” will be exhibited in the French Building, and it is there you shall find not only home-made cookies baked by my dear brother, Robbie, but also two true souls. One home-grown and the other imported from Texas. And both of them – Dusty and I – glowing within that same light and with a sense of happiness found in the accomplishment of a shared vision!

Just don’t come thinking you’ll see either of us riding atop a mighty white steed or looking anything like that lady named Godiva

I felt the reviving plops of moisture as they dropped from the sky and upon my face. I smelled the rare and heady perfume of wet dirt. I heard the rhythmic beating of raindrops upon the roof and against the windowpanes. Then I bowed my head and said, “Thank you, God!”.




Isn’t it truly amazing how our county has been transformed? To hear tales that the Beaver River flowed and to see for myself the water coursing beneath the Cimarron River bridge are two examples of the bounty we have been blessed with. Hills once covered with short blades of shriveled tan grass that crackled when trod upon are now all the shades of green. Wildflowers called “Snow on the Mountain” have begun to flourish and even the cattle seem to be stepping lightly across their renewed pastures.

As for me, I choose to believe that the transformation is the result of the mightiest power on the planet – prayer! I believe that God will alter the universe if need be when He hears our heartfelt and earnest prayers. Even as He watches to see how we accept and appreciate the gifts that flow from the open windows of Heaven and upon our lives and land. Amen.

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