Here’s the News Channel 10’s Video of it.

by C.F. David

It was about 10:45 a.m. on Friday morning when as yet unidentified man, estimated to be in his early 30s handed a teller at The First State Bank of Boise City a note demanding money.

The note, as of yet unreleased, purportedly threatened to set off bombs in the bank and the Boise City Elementary and High Schools if the teller didn’t empty her money drawer. The teller complied and the man, visible on security cameras exited the bank.

He is then thought to have climbed into either a cream or off-white mini-van or small SUV, perhaps with Louisiana tags. The vehicle was driven away by a woman in her 30s reportedly wearing a pink blouse.

The direction of travel was thought to be east on Highway 412/3 toward Guymon. However, if the duo drove east they could have turned toward Stratford or angled toward Elkhart as well as traveled to Guymon. As of Saturday morning the area of search had been widened to a 500 mile radius.

Before leaving the bank he left what could have been an explosive device. The bank was evacuated.In reaction to the multiple threats the Boise City schools were also quickly evacuated, and the students taken to two safe locations; school was later dismissed. The schools in Felt were also reportedly evacuated and the Keyes school went into a lockdown mode.

Police Chief Dale Harper, Under Sheriff Derek Kincannon, and Patrolman Tonya Hicks quickly threw up crime scene tape around the building.

Harper then contacted OSBI Agent Morgan Wilkinson and calls also went out to the FBI in Woodward and Oklahoma City.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad flew from Oklahoma City, and one trooper suited up and made multiple entries into the bank before making the decision that the device was not an explosive.

The two Boise City Schools were also cleared of explosives using bomb-sniffing dogs.

The robbery is similar to one executed in Noble, just south of Norman earlier this month. That robbery is also under investigation by the FBI and the couple is suspected of committing both robberies.

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