The Boise City News has officially relocated to 19 North Cimarron in the old Bourk Hardware building. Founded in August of 1898, in the 118 year history of the paper this is only the fourth move. The first move was in March of 1910 when the business moved from its original office in Kenton, OK. This move took the business to 24 East Main Street, current home of Sanders Town & Country. It remained in that location from 1919 until 1938 until the third move to 105 West Main Street which was the home of the Boise City News since that time. The new office is filled with items and furnishings from different locations in the county. The front window is from the ticket booth in the Long Theater in Keyes, Ok. The front door is from the Granny Cafe in Keyes. The guest chairs were in the Crystal Hotel and the counter is from the old news office. The newspaper proudly holds the record for being the oldest continuously running business in Cimarron County. We will be having our grand opening March 30th and we invite you to stop by and check out the new office.


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