U.S. Armed Forces March Medley

Armed Forces members with a

connection to Cimarron County

serving in the war on terror:


Lt. Col. Miles Smith

Capt. Dave Peyok

Capt. Shawn Plowman

Capt. Kimberly Hadley

Capt. Kevin Hadley

Capt. Corbin Copeland

Capt. Tabron Holloway

TSgt. Aaron Roberts

Sgt. Corey Coats

Sgt. Bradley Maddy

SSgt Justin Keith Smith

SSgt Ryan Hines

Sgt. Larry Don Scott

Sgt. Pete Teintende, Jr.

Sgt. Daniel E. Bezerra

Spec. Tyler Stafford

Pvt. Justin Henry

PFC Jeremy Moore

PFC Cervado Rosas


Lt.Cmdr Susanne Blankenbaker

Lt. JG John “Ross” Jackson

Lt. JG William Barth

Lt. JG Stephanie Barth

HM1 William D. Parker, Jr

POFC Matt Miller

MMSC Travis Miller

HM2 Wil Sappenfield

E2 Orie Dunn

Air Force

Major Cornell Penn

TSgt Ace Miller

TSgt Ryon Miller

SSGT Blaine Goodwin

SSgt. James L. Thompson

Sr. Amn. Nicklas Webster

Sr. Amn. Reuben Bocock

A1C Tavis Hallmark

A1C Matthew Strasner

Amn Jose Rodriguez


Col. Christopher French

2nd Lt. Zeb Barth

Gny Sgt. Mark L. Grice

Gny Sgt. Todd Boydstun

Sgt Roger Hoplin II

Sgt. Mark Weibling

Sgt. Scott Weibling

Cpl Josh Bass

Cpl Chance Reynolds

LCpl Matthew Daniel

LCpl Caleb Roberts

Serving in the

National Guard or Reserves

Sgt. Troy Price

Pfc.Kimberley Plowman

The Boise City News will honor

your loved one’s service;

please send us

their name and rank.


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